"At Misericordia, we look upon each one of our children and adults as a person with individual needs, feelings, aspirations, limitations,
and gifts..."

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Sharing Life with Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


The Mission of Misericordia is to provide a continuum of care and support for children and adults of all faiths and cultures who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

We provide the highest quality of care designed to meet each person’s changing needs and maximize his/her independence, self-determination, interpersonal relationships, and engagement in the community. The mission extends beyond the residents as we offer peace of mind to families.

Through Catholic values and traditions we strive to be a diverse and inclusive community of acceptance, respect, dignity, spirituality, and quality of life for us all.

What We Do

At Misericordia, we believe that all people – disabled or not – should have an opportunity to be meaningful members of their community every day.

To that end, our staff, volunteers, and benefactors commit to providing a quality life for our residents.  Our commitment is inspired by the words and deeds of Sister Rosemary Connelly.  

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Heart & Cross Celebration

Sharing Life with Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

"... Each one is unique, a gift to us today, a loving and loved person made by God with a purpose in life – no matter how wrapped in a mystery that purpose is..."

"... We believe we accept, we love each person and we are a better people because they have touched our lives."

 ~ Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM

Centennial Sponsors

Thank You to Our 2021 Sponsors

The Family of Tricia McGee
In appreciation of the Misericordia Staff and Lois Gates

Congratulations to Sr. Rosemary and the Staff and Residents of Misericordia!

Underwriting Sponsors


Dr. and Mrs. Robert Vanecko


Mary and Bob Pasquesi

Liz Trager Mendel 
and Scott Mendel
In Honor of the Connelly Home Staff

Gold Sponsor

“Your Friends at Goldman Sachs”

In honor of Sister Rosemary, Fr. Jack, Lois Gates, Mary Pat O’Brien, Kevin Connelly, and The Walsh Family for their decades of service to Misericordia, and in honor of the residents, who continue to inspire us daily by overcoming the challenges they face with grace, courage, and unconditional love. 

Silver Sponsors

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Alfini

Sharon and Tom Taylor

Susan Baker

Iris and Michael Smith 

In Honor of Rebecca and Charles Besser

Beth and Will Ketcham

In Honor of Bridget Cienkus

Emerald Sponsors

Ken and Mary Anne Schuster

The Family of P.J. McGuire (2)

The Family of Michael Sheridan

The Santacrose Family

Mrs. Virginia L. Eck 

Patsy and Patrick Callahan

Tom and Irene Costello

Courtney and Ed Loeb

Bridget and Scott Cienkus

John Butler and Lisa Masucci

Ellen O’Connor

The Kissane Family

Tom and Irene Costello

Ken and Mary Anne Schuster

Courtney and Ed Loeb

The Family of P.J. McGuire (2)

Bridget and Scott Cienkus

The Family of Michael Sheridan

John Butler and Lisa Masucci

The Santacrose Family

Ellen O’Connor

Mrs. Virginia L. Eck 

The Kissane Family

Patsy and Patrick Callahan

Soudan and Hielscher Families

Sapphire Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Bucey and Family 

The Family and Friends of Mackenzie Moore

John and Cathy Peterman

The Helen Brach Foundation

Ms. Karen L. Olsen and
Mr. Kim Lyon

Honorable Maureen Durkin Roy

Dr. Dennis and Lois Gates

Joanne Walgreen

Steve Byrne and Kerry Shannon

Para-Daly Foundation

The Family of Tim Boehm

Tom and Dana Clancy

Michael and Ingrid McGuire

Carla and Jim Grossmann

Patty and David Baeckelandt

John and Beth Donovan 

Mr. and Mrs. Justin F. Zubrod Sr.

Janice and Rick Price

Patty and Bob Huffman

Sally Dowdle
In Honor of the McGuire Family

Pamela McNamara 
In Honor of Jack Butler

Bennetta and Patrick Kelly

The Manfredini Family in Honor of Jamice Webster

Jim Stadler

Amy, Dan and Patty Walsh

Pat and Patsy Caruso

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